Projects of Healthy Neighborhoods Albuquerque


Project carrots

Participating Anchors: UNM HSC, PHS, APS & FCCH

Put simply, the anchors want to procure locally grown food. This will take place through a joint project to collectively increase demand for local food and work to eliminate barriers (regulatory, cost-related, and contractual) to purchasing local food. The anchors are also pursuing individual projects related to local food.



Participating Anchors: UNM HSC, APS, PHS & CNM

Create a training pipeline at APS and CNM to connect residents of targeted neighborhoods with entry-level positions at UNM HSC and APS.


Food Hub

Participating Anchors: Bernalillo County, FCCH and PHS

HNA is actively engaged in supporting the development and maturation of Food Hubs to facilitate the purchasing of local healthy food. Our learnings indicate that the food system is not yet prepared to fulfill the demand that could be generated by HNA partners. To support this, HNA is learning about the food system- from farm - to cleaning and aggregation- to storage- distribution to purchasing and ultimately to table - and how we can collectively impact the system in ways that lead to the purchase and consumption of local healthy food.

HNA has the potential to impact local food purchasing and safety standards at a policy level; today purchasing standards, even defining local are varied across entities and methods to purchase local food are burdensome to HNA partners and we are learning about how to leverage local health food distributors.  HNA can also impact the development of Food Hubs that can receive, clean, aggregate, package and store food for purchase and distribution, for example; today, the Albuquerque and Bernalillo communities lack adequate capacity to serve HNA partners.